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In my 22 years of experience, I have been fortunate enough to work cross-functionally to solve a variety of digital issues, largely within the education and health care sectors, for commercial, federal and state government agencies. I began my career as a web and print designer, then transitioned into a full-stack web and database developer and finally, in the last 9 years, have moved into the User Experience (UX) competency. My unique background means that I am adept at creating solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and are technically feasible. I understand the unique constraints that face designers and developers since I spent many years in both roles prior to moving into UX. 

Additionally, I have been part of high-functioning teams and I have driven those teams to success through increased application and site engagement, growth in sales and revenue and through the creation of truly unique technical solutions, particularly within mobile and responsive application development. From early 2016 through 2018, my federal project portfolio has included successes within the Department of Education, National Institutes of Health, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Social Security Administration. In the fall of 2018, I transitioned into a Senior Director of UX role (now VP of UX) for a SaaS-based startup (30M ARR, 31% YoY growth), leading a team of 10 in providing unique digital solutions for small and mid-sized businesses who have been left behind in the digital revolution. I enjoy working to help solve some of the most complex problems of our time and I do that by bringing my extensive experience directly to my teams and to my projects.

Feel free to download my abbreviated resume or browse the full experience below. 

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